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[IELTS Preparation] Ivany Hanifa Rahmi

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

IELTS Preparation Medan Ivany Hanifa Rahmi
[IELTS Preparation Medan] Ivany Hanifa Rahmi

Hello everyone, let's introduce Ivany Hanifa Rahmi who has done IELTS preparation at Yanks and Brits and what's the story with the IELTS Preparation program.

"Hello my name is Ivany Hanifa Rahmi, a recent undergraduate and i've taken IELTS with the help of Yanks and Brits."

What is your goal on taking the IELTS test?

"well i'm trying to get myself a scholarship abroad which is australia and then i found out by review the Yanks and Brits is a good provider of english in this town and so i choose Yanks and Brits to learn with."

Why did you choose to study with Yanks and Brits?

"This is the one of the best english institution in the city therefore it's i think the wisest option for me before taking ielts is to learn here."

What results have you gotten from Yanks and Brits?

"I got an 8 in speaking and overall 7.5 which is above my expectation so i feel so grateful about it."

One Word that describe Yanks and Brits?

"Extravagant because yeah everything is above my expectation yeah it is a super extravagant experience for me to learn here."

[IELTS Preparation Medan] Ivany Hanifa Rahmi
[IELTS Preparation Medan] Ivany Hanifa Rahmi


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