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[IELTS Preparation] Renaldo Wilt

IELTS Preparation - Renaldo Wilt
IELTS Preparation - Renaldo Wilt

Hello everyone, let's introduce Renaldo Wilt who has done IELTS preparation at Yanks and Brits and what's the story with the IELTS Preparation program.

"Hello my name is Renaldo Wilt and I a the former student from Yank and Brits Medan."

What is your goal on taking the IELTS test?

"my goals is to get a high band score, obviously, and IELTS is one of the requirement's if you want to study abroad.

Why did you choose to study with Yanks and Brits?

"It was because of my sister's recommendation. She was once a student from Yanks and Brits too. She took the exam and got a quite good score. That's why I choose to study here because you know, I want to get a good score too."

What results have you gotten from Yanks and Brits?

"I got 7.0 for overall band score wich is kinda higher than expected. I thought is was 5.5 so it seems like it's worth it studying in Yanks and Brits."

One Word that describe Yanks and Brits?

"I was probably said its Classy. Because the class is quite convenient. You got TV and the teacher's are nice too. I guarantee you, you'll be smarter if you study here and that's all for me."


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