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[IELTS Preparation] Louis Ryan Tan

IELTS Preparation medan - Louis Ryan Tan
IELTS Preparation medan - Louis Ryan Tan

Hello everyone, let's introduce Louis Ryan Tan who has done IELTS preparation at Yanks and Brits and what's the story with the IELTS Preparation program.

"Hello my name is Louis Ryan Tan and I'm a student here at Yank and Brits Medan."

What is your goal on taking the IELTS test?

"my goals on taking the IELTS test of course is to get a good enough score so that I can ask for a scholarship from different universities and with a good IELTS score I believe that

they will accept me."

Why did you choose to study with Yanks and Brits?

"in the beginning it was my mother's friend who recommended my mother to come here and talk to Mr. Dave and through some conversations here and there I just feel like it's this place is going to be the best place for me to study to learn my english."

What results have you gotten from Yanks and Brits?

"I got a surprisingly high band score for speaking and 8.5 and 8.5 in listening and a 9 in reading also a seven in writing so an average score of eight and a half."

One Word that describe Yanks and Brits?

"I do not have one particular word to describe Yanks and Brits but if I were to describe it. I would say it's very knowledgeable approachable and just very - very supportive. I would recommend Yanks and Brits for a lot of people, because I think that here it is very friendly very approachable. So if you study here even if you're not a very social person you will learn something and I think at the end of the day you get like some level of confidence because in speaking, it's definitely very important to have a good confidence and so you can speak properly and very well."


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